Saturday, 22 December 2012

You Better Watch Out !!!

You Better Not Cry !!! @ngakorming Is Coming to Town ??? #TolakPR @wanitaUMNOMsia @umbkl

Wa Langsi ???
Nga Kor Ming has made threats against YB Datuk Hamidah Osman (YB Midah) following exposure to Senior Executive Perak State Government on the issue of 10.526 acres of land to a company owned by Ngeh Ko Ham.

YB Midah expected to lodge a police report at the police station today at Village Meetings related threats, which he characterized as a threat to himself and his family.

Senior Executive Government, Datuk Hamidah Osman will lodge police reports against Pantai Remis assemblyman Nga Kor Ming for making a threat deemed to be threatening himself and his family.

Hamidah said the police report will be made at the Village Meetings Police Station today.
According to Hamidah, threats were uttered by Nga when the hall during his break to drink on the fourth day of the state assembly sitting yesterday.

Nga has come last shirt pointing fingers saying "You dedah you watch out I’ll go after you", he said.

"I think this is a threat and I think it may threaten my safety and should make a police report to protect myself and my family,'' he told reporters in the media room on the last day of the Perak State Assembly this afternoon.

Asked reporters that Nga denied the allegations, he said, he had a witness during the incident.

He said he has witnesses who saw Nga Ko Ming's treatment of Ulu Kinta assemblyman Datuk Rosnah Kassim and Upper Base Assembly, Tan Sri Mohd invasive.

"I will not make an accusation without witnesses,'' he said.

According to him, Nga previously revealed many things but he never teased.
"He revealed many things, we never usikpun, we never stirring rate, he revealed dedahlah but when we expose the case to him, he intimidated me until he said` I'll go after it you ', she said.

During the Assembly yesterday, Assemblyman Slim, Dato 'Ahmad Khushairi Abdul Talib and Dato' Hamidah make disclosures based on a search with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM), Combined Disabilities Plantation Sdn Bhd owned almost 100 percent by Ngeh Koo Ham.

Hamidah when butted Khusairi debate revealed from documents obtained Disabilities Combined with 10.526 acres of land owned by its effectiveness Kirana Sdn Bhd and Ngeh Ko Ham. Kirana effectively hold 51 percent of shares worth RM16 million and Ngeh Ko Ham 40 percent, totaling RM15 million.

Why Nga Kor Ming-latah melatah when this issue is disclosed. He should not have to be afraid if the disclosure is not true and just to humiliate him. But when she got blackmailed, blackmail like that, as if affirming that he was 'guilty' in land issues shroud of the era ...!!

The le level of opposition in the state assembly YB Silver .... cocky, arrogant, obsessed overpowering, proud and NAK MAMPUS !!!

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