Monday, 13 May 2013

@ShenYeeAun Warned The Chinese Dont Be Evil #GE13 #PRU13 #1Malaysia #BetterNation

A posting on facebook by Shen Yee Aun.

Somebody just personal inbox me that he can finally accept the facts of LYNAS , Najib is better than Anwar ( facts ) and Malaysia going to bankrupt is a lie ( facts that I presented yesterday ) . Then he ask me what about BERSIH ? I say since you are believer of truth then you will be very scared of what I am going to tell you about BERSIH. He ask me why ?

I say NO 1 : You go google NED website ( National Endowment for Democracy )

No 2 : Read their annual report that they gave fund to Malaysia Malaysiakini , Suaram , Pro Opposition Activities and Training and most importantly even to BERSIH.

No 3 : Then you just go and google all the international reports , media , blogs , articles and columnist about ( Google - NED destabilize the World ).

No 4 : Then you will realized how the bloods , riots and thousands of people die in Thailand , Rusia , Indonesia , Arab , Egypt and many more countries in the world starting with peaceful street protest democratic slogan and hate sentiments against the government and end up when things went out of control then KILLINGS , BLOODS , FIGHT , BOMB and RIOTS happen in those country .

No 5 : This is the same NED that funded our Malaysia BERSIH . Even Ambiga did admit she did receive international funding ( just google )

No 6 : And that is why in BERSIH 3.0 Anwar give instruction ( shown in youtube ) to breakthrough the police barricade.

Then I ask him after google , reading and researching only tell me what he thinks and I said stop asking me any more allegations anymore because it is already too late when I have already said and exposed all this before even G13 . Just that you all chose to believe in DAP and Anwar political perception more than facts.

I have known of all this and that is why I supported BN. I respect and support your democracy and that is why I never scold , curse or say anything about you when you all personally supported DAP. It was you all who end up calling me with all types of names without knowing the real political of TRUTH. My stand is always clear that I never ever said BN is good but there always a reason when I saw another entity is more Evil that you all never see.

Only know when you all start to be calm. Start asking me question and start listening to my facts . But it is already too late. You all had officially voted Chinese out of the government.

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